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Founded in 2002,Zhejiang YAT Electric Appliance Co., Ltd(known as YAT) is a modern manufacturing company mainly engaged in agricultural machinery, garden machinery and power tools. By taking innovation and creation as its core competence, YAT has become a company which owns nearly 150 people in R&D team and national laboratory, it has also obtained 89 invention patents and 316 utility models and appearance patents.

YAT believes that sustainable development should be the key strategy for a company, therefore, it is highly implicated in environmental protection and actively response to CSR (Corporation Social Responsibility). Every year, about 50 million yuan has been invested in the R&D (research and development) of green environmental protection and energy saving products such as low gas emission, lithium technology, hazardous material control, waste recycling and other green products. The international environmental standards such as EPAII, EUROII, ROHS, REACH, WEEE and other environmental standards are strictly enforced by the company.

In the future, YAT will always maintain the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, efficiency and sharing", and keep in mind the company's mission of creating quality tools, helping to make the life easier, constantly improving the level of R&D ability, management and service. YAT aims to become the most professional smart tool provider in the world.

 innovation quality making tools, can enjoy a better life


Company Mission

becoming the world's most professional provider of intelligent tool solutions.

Company Vision

Core Values

integrity, innovation, efficiency and sharing